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Jennifer Sanchez’s Adicts Review

I went to my first show ever on the 19th on May! It was ten days before my birth day. And all I asked for was to see my favorite band in the world which is you guys (the Adicts!!!) the first band was OK The dickies were cool. But nothing compares to The Adicts! I loved you guys I honestly don't think any show could top yours! I have listened to you..............

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Adriana’s Adicts Review

April 16,2007 / Showcase / Corona, CA I remember going to see the ADICTS at Showcase in Corona,CA on April 16,2007, which happens to be a day before my birthday! so u can bet i was excited!!! I remember getting there and being like the 10th person in line :] we could hear the adicts practicing!! when they finally let us in my friends and i r..............

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Cheri’s Adicts Review

This is the 2nd Adicts show that my daughter & I have been to. I'm 39 years old. From the old school of punk. I took my daughter (13) and her boyfriend (15) to the front of the stage. The excitement is like nothing else you can imagine. Everyone moshing around & over you, getting pumped up for the Adicts to get on stage. Once Monkey came out on sta..............

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Charlie’s Adicts Review

October 22nd 2006 / Key Club in Hollywood / California / USA I can recall the best Adicts show I have been to was when they played with U.k Subs, Osaka Popstars and Misfits. As soon as we got to the Key Club in Hollywood we scored some tickets and we headed inside straight to the merchandise area. I went and purchased an autographed poster which..............

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