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Diego Morales’s Adicts Review

April 13 2007 The vault 350, Long beach, California, USA We were driving thier and we saw all the punx out side waiting to see The punk rock Legends it was hard not to just go crazy in line we got into the building and saw 4 bands not counting the Adicts they were incredible and The chick in the begining hot! by this time me and probally every o..............

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Mia’s Adicts Review

Well where do I start? Last night was fucking AMAZING. Me and Seb set off about 12.30 and we got there about 2.30 and we started drinking in the car til about 6pm when we then set off to go down to the Winter Gardens cause the only band we really wanted to see was The Adicts. Anyways we were chilling out for a bit getting slowly wasted and I we..............

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Roddy`N`Kate’s Adicts Review

Went down to wasted in blackpool to see our first Adicts show and i can tell u that neither of us were disappointed. The energy in the hall was fuckin amazing. Monkey and the droogs were electric from start to finish. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait till they come back to the U.K. especially Scotland. ~ Roddy`N`Kate {GLASGO..............

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Chelsey’s Adicts Review

10-13-2006 / The GAlaxy Theater / Santa Ana, CA / USA That night was the best night I ever had. I think a lot of people too. It was great how after the U.K. Subs performed all of the people came into the crowd just waiting for the adicts to perform. When they played Ode to Joy everyone was just so excited waiting for Monkey to come out. As soon ..............

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