Adriana’s Adicts Review

April 16,2007 / Showcase / Corona, CA

I remember going to see the ADICTS at Showcase in Corona,CA on April 16,2007, which happens to be a day before my birthday! so u can bet i was excited!!!

I remember getting there and being like the 10th person in line :] we could hear the adicts practicing!! when they finally let us in my friends and i rushed inside and went straight to the front. We were CENTER FRONT!! yeah right in front of monkey! the only bad thing was we had tost and there for quite a while till the adicts played…that and the lead singer from THE OBJEX wore a skirt that day so every time she put her leg on the speaker we got a free, and unwanted show!!

Also she kicked my friend that was right next to me!(she later apologized) FINALLY THE ADICTS CAME OUT!! opening with of course “ode to joy” and then “steamroller”.

It was an awesome show! being in front has its advantages!! When they played “Angel” MONKEY HELD MY HAND AND SANG TO ME!!! then he gave me many memorabilia!! like a silly string can(which i later got signed by monkey) and i also got many cards that were thrown by monkey throughout joker in the pack(which i also got signed by monkey, kid, and fiddle dan) I WAS ALSO GIVEN A DRUMSTICK BY KID HIMSELF AND HE AND MONKEY BOTH SIGNED IT!! :] i also caught one of the large blue beach balls!!

Overall out of the 4 times I’ve seen the adicts this was the best show!!! well all they’re shows are freaken awesome but i loved this one especially because i got so many signed memories and monkey sang to me and it was all the day before my birthday!! :] I COULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN A BETTER GIFT FROM ANYONE!!! :)