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Nico’s Adicts Review

BRAZIL /SÃO PAULO / 28 /03/2009 - 29/03/2009 /eazy. AEAE! My first show of the Adicts, was in the days 28/03/2009 'eazy'. But also was the following day, it was PERFECT, and Clearly the best day of my life, the better weekend of my life! was perfect, I do not know how or even more for having gone up on stage both days, the Monkey God took my h..............

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Sniffany Tiff’s Adicts Review

May 18,2008 / House Of Blues / Hollywood / California / U.S.A WOW! I love the adicts so much my frist show was on may 18 2008 i loved it. That day was the best day of my life i've never been to a better show than that. but when i saw the adicts i love them even more then i did b4. Monkey threw his shirt out in the crowd 2 guys were fighting ove..............

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Ricky Paltegan’s Adicts Review

24-09-08 / Sala Caracol /Madrid / Spain As they say here in Spain the show has been “DE PUTA MADRE”. It was the first time I saw the Adicts, though I covered some songs for years; anyway the show of yesterday night has been simply great. The Clockwork punk kings shot for first one of their best song that is Joker In The Pack, followed by..............

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Rousey’s Adicts Review

APRIL 1982 - The YMCA (now referred to as The Y) Chelmsford, Essex, England, Uk, Europe! As I was walking home following another fruitless night of trying to find some “fun” in Chelmsford on a Monday night with my Droog Coops we chanced upon 3 skinheads who politely advised us if we wanted a good night out a band called The Adicts were comi..............

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