Jennifer Sanchez’s Adicts Review

I went to my first show ever on the 19th on May! It was ten days before my birth day. And all I asked for was to see my favorite band in the world which is you guys (the Adicts!!!) the first band was OK The dickies were cool. But nothing compares to The Adicts! I loved you guys I honestly don’t think any show could top yours! I have listened to your live songs, and I have seen the live video but nothing I mean nothing compares to seeing The Adicts play live! when they played Angel then right after Life Goes On my two favorite songs from The Adicts back to back I scream my fucking ass! I had no voice for school the next that’s how loud I screamed. When Monkey did the Elvis impression that was so funny and sweet singing one of his songs! I also got to share my First time at your show with my 12 year old cousin and she now a die hard fan! All because of your kick-ass show you guys put on. In the show I caught one of the cards Monkey threw, got a ball, and so close to getting on stage to sing and dance with your guys! But all you need was 14 girls and I was the four girls to late. Plus when they came out again to play two more song and ended the show with Steam Roller was fucking down. But fuck it I still got to touch Monkey and had the greatest time of my life! this show couldn’t have been better.

~ Jennifer