Nico’s Adicts Review

BRAZIL /SÃO PAULO / 28 /03/2009 – 29/03/2009 /eazy.

AEAE! My first show of the Adicts, was in the days 28/03/2009 ‘eazy’. But also was the following day, it was PERFECT, and Clearly the best day of my life, the better weekend of my life! was perfect, I do not know how or even more for having gone up on stage both days, the Monkey God took my hand singing Angel haha, I felt the inspiration of music for a few seconds because the whole band so forward drama, it seems that the show was made especially for you, you feel if everything was the only for you, much more than a show, is really a celebration, the if it were his own birthday, I never felt so happy and now that past few days, what I remember most is of every detail, every song was perfect! initially with Dan and his violin smiling, too! even more have seen the kid Dee in the bar, chatting with everyone, so everyone smiling, passed an energy so good! will be unforgettable in my life, forever, the best show! and like pete said, see you next year, I hope EVEN, concerts, I will be there again, and even here in the shows of south america for the show! because something is really worth the penalty Adicts see, you have no explanation.


Please come back, it will be perfect again, back to Brazil guys, everybody freaked with the show, was perfect! unforgettable!

I love you so much guys!
~ Nico