Ricky Paltegan’s Adicts Review

24-09-08 / Sala Caracol /Madrid / Spain

As they say here in Spain the show has been “DE PUTA MADRE”. It was the first time I saw the Adicts, though I covered some songs for years; anyway the show of yesterday night has been simply great.

The Clockwork punk kings shot for first one of their best song that is Joker In The Pack, followed by other great ones that shook all the fellas. It was really quiet a long time I didn’t listened to a very fuckin’ rough 77 sound like this!!!

It’s impossible not to mention the show seen apart from the great music heard: Monkey begun throwing cards playing from the beginning and later he threw literally everything on the people in front. At the end big balloons were bouncing on people’s heads…(one of them is now my sofa).The Adicts have been really really a generous band. Nice too the calling up of the girls on stage, at least they don’t pay for them (as Motley Crue do..). Well, apart from the gadgets, and a red haired girl beside me who was screaming for asking also Monkey’s panties, I go on repeating the show has been one of the best I’ve seen during last years, for the fuckers who love ’77. I listened to a lot of songs I like as Numbers, Bad Boy, Chinese Takeaway etc. etc. and my girlfriend who didn’t use to listen to mainly punk music was enthusiastic too.

Today I spoke about the show with my ex bass player and he‘s got tears in his eyes and was pissed off ‘for he cannot see them once more during this year, as it was he who told me not to lose this show for any reason on earth!

So… so long Adicts, hope to see you guys again here in Madrid or somewhere else, it would be the same.

~ Ricky Paltegan