Sniffany Tiff’s Adicts Review

May 18,2008 / House Of Blues / Hollywood / California / U.S.A

WOW! I love the adicts so much my frist show was on may 18 2008 i loved it. That day was the best day of my life i’ve never been to a better show than that. but when i saw the adicts i love them even more then i did b4. Monkey threw his shirt out in the crowd 2 guys were fighting over so i decided to fight for it to and i started to pull on the sleve and some others guys help me and i got. now its in my room with the drum stick from the lower class brats i hope i have more to take home at the next shoe in march on the 20.The pit was crazy i hit my head on the floor so many times but it was still cool. I wish i got to go up on stage but i didn’t so i will try again next time. LOVE YOU GUYS!

~ Sniffany Tiff